Donate Your Car for Kids

You might think of your vehicle as nothing more than a “junk car“, but to their “wish kids“, it can help bring hope, strength and joy back into their lives. Join others in your community who have been donating cars for children whose dream it is to have a magical wish experience. Please make a donation right now!

It’s educational, health and building a bright future, away from children to break the chain of poverty, unable to children around the world to facilitate non-governmental organizations and aid agencies working there a lot of care and education. According to some estimates, more than 1.4billion people in the world live below the poverty line, the average income of $1-2. And sell more profit, but to use the social fund, is a tool used by nonprofit organizations. This service and improve aid trucks, motorcycles, luxury cars, boats and more, you’ll donor car to get a lot of cars. Many cars are gaining popularity due to facilitate the process through aid. The only thing that should be done in one’s own decision whether to donate. From there, everything will be fine. If the vehicle until selected, and will provide all the necessary documents. Although this is a very good thing for the world, a very easy way to get rid of old cars.

Why Choose Kars4kids?

Why choose kars4kids for donate a car for kids? Benefits over 400,000 donors have enjoyed. Your vehicle is picked up for free within 24-48 hours. You get a 3 day 2 night hotel voucher, and because they’re a registered 501c3, a tax deductible receipt that could save your money on taxes.

Some process to donate car in kars4kids

Step 1: Tell their about your car
Fill out an online form or call their at 1-877-527-7454 to donate your car.

Step 2: Arrange a free pickup time
You’ll receive a phone call within 24 hours from their local driver. During that call their driver will arrange to pick up your car at a time that is convenient for you. You don’t even need to be home when your car is picked up but either way, their drivers are flexible with timing.

Step 3: They Tow your car
Their tower arrives to pick up your car. Based on the location and condition of your vehicle, your car will be sold at auction, sold for parts, or used by the charity to further its charitable programs.

Last! You’re done!
Wait 2-4 weeks and then check your mail. You’ll receive your tax deductible receipt that you need for filing your taxes, and a voucher for a 3 day 2 night hotel stay.

Or you can check click here in official site for more details how to donate your car for kids.

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